I have a Master’s in Instrumental and Ensemble Pedagogy with concentrations in Nyckelharpa, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Arranging and Composition.

My earlier years in the field include both private tutoring and leading youth music camps. I am today working my 6:th year as a music teacher on the music-focused secondary school Kungsgymnasiet in Jönköping ( The school is a part of the non-profit organisation JKS, Jönköpings kristna skolor.

I teach several different classes. I teach Ensemble, Electric guitar, Acoustic guitar, Classical guitar, Electric bass, (Drums+Piano on a basic level), Arranging and Composition and Music production.

It is a privilege to teach

I am very fond of working with youth. They are so full of life, warmth, joy, sorrow, worries, thoughts, ponderings, and opinions. It is a privilege to get to share their everyday life during 3 years and hopefully give them the knowledge that it is never too late to start following your heart’s dreams.

To be there and see the youth grow both musically and as human beings makes going to work exciting and inspiring.

I have also realized that I may learn and grow more than my students. Many times their way of thinking and playing forces me to widen my perspective. My instrumental students keep me up to date with new music. It also occurs that they want me to play tunes I haven´t heard, which gives me the opportunity to widen my own repertoire.