One of the things I love about making of nyckelharpas is to be a part of the whole process, from choosing the right tree in the forest to the final adjustments and tuning of the finished instrument. To be walking in the wilderness, enjoying the scenery, and finding a good spruce creates a wonderful sensation of expectation and excitement – what will this wood bring forth?


Spruce that is used for the sides, neck, bottom and head is picked from the forests around our house in Småland. Alpspruce for the top comes from Mittenwald, Germany.





Birch is used for the keys and comes from a region north of Jönköping on the western side of the lake Vättern.

Maple also comes from the surroundings of our house. Maple is used to the tailpiece, the bridge, the pegs, the headnut, details of the keybox and tangents.