Three row chromatic nyckelharpa

My three-row chromatic nyckelharpas originate from the Hogmarkharpa, which in turn is strongly influenced by the older kontrabasharpa and the nyckelharpas made by Eric Sahlström. One of the things that motivates me as a nyckelharpa maker is the everlasting search for better sound, form and functionality. For the last years, I have become increasingly interested in the qualities of the kontrabasharpa and the silverbasharpa. It is my conviction that there is much inspiration to gain from the older nyckelharpas regarding form and function.  The finest kontrabasharpas and give me a sense of a mature and “finished” design. Their construction has influenced the way I build and think about instruments.


My nyckelharpas have a sonorous sound with an even tone all over the register. Combined with a voice in the higher register that can be described as clear with both body and character, my instruments come with both presence and ambience. My ambition is to provide players all the richness in nuances and dynamics that only a first class instrument can give.



Through my own playing and progress, I have tested many ideas. For example, I have built several types of keyheads. I have experimented with length and width on the keys. Variatons have been made regarding dimensions and designs on the bridge. I have used different distances between the playing strings and the tangents, and between sympathetic strings and the tangents. To get inspiration, I have carefully studied both older kontrabasharpas, silverbasharpas and newer three row chromatic nyckelharpas. This has led me to my current view of what factors contribute to a well functioning nyckelharpa.

I allow buyers to specify the number of keys they would like, and I may be able to make additional modifications upon request. My goal is to, through a dialogue, provide you what you need to achieve all your creative intentions with the instrument.


SOUNDEXAMPLE 1: Polska after Magnus Olsson (solo)

SOUNDEXAMPLE 2: "Änglahopp" by Maria Wall and Mikael Grafström (ensemble)

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