I started to make nyckelharpas in 1998. The efforts to build my first instrument did not turn out so well. But as I got an invitation by the master Esbjörn Hogmark to learn from him personally I began to progress. Ever since I have had the privilege to gain inspiration, not only from Esbjörns nyckelharpa making, but also from his friendship and his generous attitude towards life and people.

To build a traditional music instrument like the nyckelharpa requires a mind that is constantly doing research, pondering and trying out ideas and thoughts. Therefore it is very stimulating to be a part of the nyckelharpamakers-community that Esbjörn has founded. Every year luthiers meet at Mästarbygg in June and Vinterbygg in December to generously share ideas and advices. Here you also get to listen to renowned lecturers and musicians who share inspiring thoughts.


Active musician/nyckelharpa maker

Ever since my first acquired a nyckelharpa I have been playing the instrument.

In 2001-2002 I attended the playing course on nyckelharpa at the Eric Sahlström Institute with teachers like Olov Johansson, Johan Hedin and Niklas Roswall.

2002-2003 I took lessons for Marcus Svensson on Gotlands läns folkhögskola.

2003-2008 went to the Academy of Music in Malmö to earn my Master’s in Instrumental and Ensemble Pedagogy with concentrations in Nyckelharpa, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, and Arranging and Composition.

I am today a performing nyckelharpa musician in Vallevan as well as in other projects.


Being an active performer has improved my skills as a builder. Many times, my progress as a musician has provided me with incitement to ponder questions concerning functionality and sound. The many years of playing and playing with other fellow musicians has helped me understand how a professional instrument needs to perform.