If anything was to be said about me as a musician, it is that I have a deep passion for what I do. For the moment. I have never had the urge to cling on to one genre, one instrument, or one way of playing for any longer period of time. Variation is my passion. Accordingly, musical versatility has become my greatest strength.

My musical life started with the most wonderful 18:th birthday gift – an acoustic guitar. Soon thereafter I was deep into fingerpicking and also began playing the electric guitar.

I was introduced to the music of the Swedish folk band Väsen at the age of 23 and almost immediately fell in love with the exotic instrument nyckelharpa. I started to play with the nyckelharpa group Nybyggarna which is based in the town of Örnsköldsvik. I was also deeply inspired by meeting and playing with the spelman Alf Granqvist.

In 2001-2002, I attended the one-year nyckelharpa playing course at the Eric Sahlström Institute.

In 2002-2003, I went to Gotlands läns folkhögskola to take lessons from Jan Ekedahl on guitar and Marcus Svensson on nyckelharpa.

In 2008, I graduated from Academy of Music in Malmö with a Master’s in Instrumental and Ensemble Pedagogy with concentrations in Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Nyckelharpa, and Arranging and Composition.

Today I play and perform with these instruments in a number of different projects.

Music affects me in a variety of ways. It is a way to breathe. It is a way to spend time with other people. Sometimes it helps me to process the big and small emotions of life. It encourages me to explore new things and to make progress. Above all, it makes me believe in something more than what wee can see with our eyes.

I am truly grateful that my musicianship has given me the privilege to get to know wonderful people all around the world.


2002 "Bjärv" with Bjärv

2003 "Bräjv" with Bjärv

2005 "The Red Album" with Bjärv

2008 "Vallevan" ep with Vallevan

2013 "A Secret River" ep with A Secret River

2014 "Colours of solitude" cd with A Secret River

Session musician

2006 "Ett år" Gitte Pålsson, (Nyckelharpa)

2011 "Har den äran" Julia, Linnea och Gabriel Hagenfors (Acoustic guitar)

2012 "Om igen" Peter Johansson  (Mandolin)

2013  "Äntligen här" David and Maria Tell (Nyckelharpa)