A Secret River

A Secret River is a progressive rock band performing original music. With lyrical vocal arrangements and lush harmonies combined with intricate rhythms, the band creates a sound that is both compelling and is easy to listen to.

In 2012, the band released their first demo, 3 songs that where given a warm welcoming. This was followed up 2013 with the ep ”A place to start”.  In the summerof 2014, at last, their first full length cd was released - "Colours of solitude"  (read more on the bands website).

A Secret River has been interviewed in the magazine ”PROG” and is being played on several radio stations.

The band is currently working on material for new songs.

Band members:

Andreas Ålöw – electric bass, vocals

John Bergstrand - drums, percussion

Mikael Grafström – electric guitars

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